June 20, 2017

Do I only see a flat tyre?

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On driving halfway to my yoga class, this morning I realized my car tyre was punctured. I drove back depressed and a tad bit angry.


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My younger daughter did remind me of the option of going for a walk but I refused thinking my day had just started out wrong and its going to go all wrong…Image result for bad day

I’m sure you too might have had such days where things start of wrong and you feel like believing everything from this point on is just going to roll down south.
Or you may feel “This is one of those bad days”

Pause right there…
Remember these thoughts are magnetic and will draw more such thoughts and events to make it heavier, smellier and more depressing.

Look at it as a single moment and let it go, don’t hold on to it , don’t!

How does one let go? Listen to your favorite music, Listen to your favorite motivational person, read what you love to, talk to little babies or puppies or talk to plants, write or paint or photograph or even just dance.  Do something crazy, dancing in the rain. Do something new. Do whatever you know has the power to irresistibly draw you! What makes you smile no matter what !

How did I let go you may ask?I listened to Doreen virtue. Strangely in today’s video – She asked us to pray  “Give your worries to your creator , and no don’t ask for it to be handled in a particular way. But trust that it will be handled in the best way.”

Its the tiny steps that you take to make things get better, which amazingly make the right things appear to you, and strangely you listen or read or even see the most appropriate things!

What we sometimes fail to see is that : Maybe the universe wants to disrupt the normal motions of your day so that you open your senses to observe or notice something new. To maybe slow down give time to things that you would not normally give to. To maybe even be quiet and notice yourself.

Today surprisingly I found the time to speak to two of my friends and both gave me warm comforting news from their worlds, they made me smile and even tear up joyously listening to little pieces of magics occurring in their worlds.

So today I ask you to ask the universe “What is right about this whole episode that I’m not getting?” If something is not going right. What if it is right there but I don’t see it ? What if I just need to look with new eyes?

“What would it take for more glitter, sparkle and magic to show up in my life right away?” Again maybe the magic is right there in the moment I just need to be more aware?

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Do share the beauty the magic you experienced or how your awareness has opened up today.


January 23, 2011

Punch size, regardless…assured metamorphosis!

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Looking back 7 years, we as a family had a long crisis. We were then thinking it would kill us or at least mentally maim me and my husband. It looked like it would go on for ever! Leave it behind we did, not realizing that we passed through the appalling, self perceived wall,only  after growing robust. It left us with distinct and clear lessons.  Today we have come full circle to the same situation, it is only now, we comprehend- oh how well geared up we are to handle the same. With no complaints, no ill feelings but a stronger much better capacitated self, instead what we sigh out now is just gratitude to the lord for placing that particular challenge into our lives!

What comes to mind is Marriane Williamsons words :

“Sometimes people think calling on God means inviting a force into our lives that will make everything rosy. The truth is, it means inviting everything into our lives that will make us grow–and growth can be messy. The purpose of life is to grow into our perfection “.

“Distinct and clear lessons” I mentioned, which are :

1.      Not only does the worst pass , it leaves you nimble , invigorated and evolved! Were it not for this crisis we would never have come out renewed!

2.      The situations never changed , coming full circle to the same point , what was very discernible was: what changed was our Perceptions of the SITUATION! “No complaints “I had mentioned earlier– Not that we did not have blessings too, back then, we were just blind to  them – we had a myriad of blessings, but what did we focus on? We focused on all the things we did not want, we were paralyzed and bitterly zoned in on our challenges! What we saw, thought and felt about the situation 7 years back and what we do today is different. Today it is better, there is trust, there is confidence,there is humour, and largely there is Appreciation.  Not just between ourselves but towards others too. These were changes WITHIN the both of us, not WITHOUT! 

3.      The world is not a perfect place with perfect people & situations if it were, it would be so monotonous. What is a more vital inference is, we would never know how beautiful , limitless and powerful our intrinsic soul is, until we had a contrast against which we knew this ‘souls’ value . We live in a world of dualities: You could not know Warm without Cold, Up without Down, Fast without Slow. You could not know Left without Right, Here without There, Now without Then. Hence both exist and are required so that with one (no matter how low or not so bearable the low may be) can you then only measure the other’s worth (high/good parts of the dualities).

4.      No matter how many times we had heard it , it just never drove home – was something that was absolute and unchanging through every circumstance, the fact that the creator loved us UNCONDITIONALLY! It was blatant! What bewildered us was that no matter what we thought, what we felt, how we behaved , he just loved us. He carefully paved the path for our metamorphosis! Providing just the right people , just the right material & circumstances to fortify each one of us in this family


I have not mentioned the crisis , there were a series of them … my only message being , no matter what the challenge or our self percieved size of the challenge :

  • Your spouse leaving you after many years of marriage,
  • A terrible illness you find out about ,
  • A loss of job ,
  • You living alone and struggling without family,
  • Your kid doing something inconceivable after you having invested so much of your sweat and blood in him,
  • People being mean or manipulative or even maligning you,
  • Living with a big family and suffering through home politics inspite of all your patient efforts with all.
  • Suffering through office politics albeit you work earnestly.


Through it all there is someone much larger than you and me , holding you, through it all , loving you , empowering you ! Open your eyes see him in the people and situations around you , see him operating silently, carving a luminous radiant “YOU”  .


August 31, 2010

Lewis Pugh on his swim across the north pole

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August 25, 2010

Which wolf is it that you are feeding?

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A grandfather was talking to his grandson, telling him,” I have 2 wolves barking inside of me. The First wolf is filled with anger, hatred , bitterness and mostly revenge. The second wolf inside of me is flled with love, kindness, compassion and mostly forgiveness.”
“Which wolf do you think will win?” the young  boy inquired , the grandfather responded , “ Whichever one I feed”.

Lets take a look at our thoughts in a day – isn’t it easy to criticize, to find fault; to complain about the neighbourhood being unsafe, our politicians being corrupt, the pathetic state of our education system, our youth being involved in crime. The less global ones would be: how snooty our neighbour is, the abusive boss,  the mean in laws…
The thought we focus on multiplies ,drawing more of the same kind until it not only becomes a habit but it IS just what our world becomes! What you think continually is what you believe, is what you become, is what you have – a vicious cycle .
What if we concentrated our minds and energies on all the “goodness”,  we can find around us? Can we find any? It is hard, isnt it ? lets try… Appreciating , being grateful.
We have electricity today, We are connected better & quicker due to technology, Crimes are lower, myriads of diseases now have cures, so many groups and associations now focus on uplifting , healing & wellness.Closer home, The neighbour’s kids are so bright and cheerful, My colleagues are so cooperative, my Job is interesting,  My Brother in law is so caring…
Again your focus draws more of the same. A thought has a lot of power!
Which wolf is it that YOU feed?

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