May 4, 2017

Are we reaching the corners?

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Today morning
As I brush my teeth and
I patiently run the brush into the corners of my mouth..
I realize suddenly there
are hidden areas….
Which I can miss or I just can’t reach with my brush.
I then vigorously move my brush to try reaching those crannies.

brush 2

After having rinsed I know there are still some remnants which I just could not pry out..

Sometimes I feel comfortable  believing there’s nothing there…
And let go..
An illusion clearly…

Why do we brush? To ensure freshness and to reach that squeaky clean feel.
So that the next meal that we consume is attacked(for effective digestion) by a clean sparkling effective set of tools- our teeth!

With Our mind too – do you load your minds with yesterday’s remnants…?
Have you lodged in the corners of our mind  things from the past…?
Can you see all those dark corners of your mind? or don’t they exist…?
Are there things you hold on to, conveniently tucked into the different corners of your minds, unknown even to yourself..?

What do these things that we hoard and squeeze inside of your minds do?
they make your mind stale and even stink…

These useless residues … experiences, opinions, voices, reactions, behaviors of others or our own, guilts , fears from so long back… that have been piling up since so  many years

They Must be removed! They must be brushed with utmost care to remove any remnant of yesterday, anything that is only filling up space, clouding our decision making and making us weak and worthless…

Only then can we efficiently smoothly and expertly  use this tool our mind


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