September 22, 2010

Give flight to the beautiful Butterfly within you …

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Lets take a look at The process of metamorphosis where in a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly : Both of them quite different . The caterpillar has different genetics and is in no way similar to that of the butterfly. The caterpillar resembles a worm but the butterfly brings to mind spectacular colours and flight.

Towards the time of transformation the caterpillar becomes a voracious eater and consumes everything in sight much more than its metabolic needs. It outgrows its skin many times and its body starts to die. Now within this dying body are ” Imaginal cells” which is a term coined by scientists for those formative, embryonic cells embedded within the caterpillar which imagine and create the butterfly. These cells are very different fom those of the caterpillar and vibrate at a different frequency of “being” – to that of the butterfly. The caterpillar’s immune system perceives these new cells as enemies, and attacks them. But the “Imaginal cells” are unaffected by them as they are at a “different vibration” . The immune cells then retire and the Imaginal cells begin to gather and form clusters until they awaken an existent but dormant genetic code. That genetic information- which creates a butterfly ,that which creates an entirely new nervous system, digestive system, metabolic rate, heart, legs and wings! Voila we have a little beautiful creature that flies!

Science gives us clear direction as to how we too can initiate transforming every area of our lives and this “seemingly ” huge world too! We need not pay heed to the “immune cells” which represent waste, negative ,depressive or pessimistic thoughts . We need to emulate the nature of these “imaginal cells” look within,to use those dormant but inherent qualities of optimism, peace , patience, kindness trust, acceptance , forgiveness , Cooperation  and the likes within us and Imagine full throttle , to create a better newer reality !


September 8, 2010

Marriage of truth & beauty and Science!

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It is amazing how there is no competition between each miniscule machine within our body but complete cooperation so that our body functions smoothly… more on that soon, but till then watch this amazing video by David Bolinsky :

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