December 6, 2010

Operation “Clean the fan”

Posted in Empowering tagged , , , , , , at 8:03 pm by Venus Viswambharan

I was mentally chewing  gum named: “ How would I go about it ‘? Was it as simple as “Im going to clean the fan” ?

This dirty Fan that I had grown familiar to ,and in time immune to ,which only seemed to accumulate dust was not stirring any trouble inside my head , only because I had knit up enough excuses mentally for me to feel “its ok”. Some of them being: Its too high up there , I cannot reach it , no ladder high enough, the cleaning is going to mess our beds, Its cumbersome, I have other more pressing issues, I don’t have the time…. Etc.  It hung just above our beds, I saw it every time I awoke and every time I went to sleep but not once did it worry me. Well, now I was working up a strategy on the shortest, immaculate way to get it done. Why? because my friend told me last night in all honesty how dirty it looked. It finally hit home. Some well intentioned person pointed the proverbial “finger” at the dirty fan!

So my maid and I worked out a strategy : We covered the beds with newspapers. She then climbed a huge stool and wiped each blade carefully with antiseptic solution and with each turn of her hand there was this comforting feeling (…dare I say relief ? )and each time lumps of black grime came off, revealing the clean ,shinning, original fan beneath . Each time she did that there was a cheering inside and an amazing excitement advancing to the final vision of my beautiful , pristine fan!

At the end of it , what kept dawning on me-  was the fact that is exactly what we do with  our minds…

We have cobwebs accumulating: “She is so irritating”. “He  doesn’t seem to respect my opinions” . ‘I know why she didn’t return my call. ” “ He is so selfish”. “ I can’t trust her”. “I know what he thinks of me”… they come with no restraint, quite naturally (just like the dust)… gathering but not contributing to any worry identical to the dirt on the fan. The excuses too would be  similar “I can see he is plainly this way, hence I speak of him so”. “What will they think of me?”  “ I  need to complain” etc…

If someone did point a finger- oh how we hate it. But the minute we make up our minds to “clean each blade”…(metaphorically) wipe each thought clean, and make sure we contribute to thinking wholesome ones – those that build up, that are loving, patient , positive thoughts about others and everything around us ; The minute we use the Antiseptic of faith to clean the negativity and fear, we see goodness ! We see things we could be grateful about in others and in ourselves , things that are now hidden by the grime filtered vision. We see the original me (which is inherent) cleaving through the soot and being revealed . Oh and the unbounded excitement on the achievement  of the same is akin to that one feels in the fan scenario.

Imagine, it is as simple as cleaning the fan !

We are INNATELY BEAUTIFUL, Just a little cleaning is what we need to do regularly….



  1. Mohit Sharma said,

    Interesting Mam.. was wondering about all the excuses i used to give before for not going to gym … But now i go .. though it hurts but in the end i can feel the strength and the power of keeping once body healthy….


    • Aha I like the fact you have decided to clean your mind of its cobwebs and hence the output – your fit body! Way to GO Mohit!

  2. Ravi said,

    This one is so cool, never thought before that it could be just as simple as cleaning a fan or in my case washing the dishes when mom is not around. But eventually i do it and feeling is great. 🙂
    Two thumbs up .. 🙂

    • Ha ha Ravi , I know the feeling actually its the same everywhere – what really blew me over was how clean the fan looked ! Which means internally we are just that in all situations – just a lot of clouded thoughts which need to be cleared up!

  3. joy said,

    A nice analogy Venus. I like the way you have taken an everyday situation involving a “put off to tomorrow” attitude and brought out the way we allow dust to settle on our souls. Good intentions do not substitute good deeds…we need to take the broom and cloth and clean up fast before we become too comfortable in our dust borne habitat.

    • Thanks Joy coming from you is encouraging! Oh yes you said it well … we have become too comfortable!

  4. Viswambharan said,

    Nice one. Good eye opener.

  5. rawamichra said,

    my god u r a deep thinker.n a very gud writer.i never thought about it this way.but u made me think thanks.

  6. Ronnie Singh Chahal (Major) said,

    Hey ! lady. luv 2 c ya blog.. u shud hav snt be ya URL earlier, u’r 2

    Nways… article was real awesome…

    u see r body is jst a piece of sack… its a bulk of unpolished ,

    rough, rude, indelicate particles…
    so whn evr thse kind of things happens, its seems like r own…

    bt evr1 is not alike..
    like u said tht god do snd his angels to help us kno hu v r & how it

    shud b…
    so thr came ur frnd to let ya kno abt ur dirty fan…
    n i got u 2 tell me tht i too have dirty fan, so need to wipe it

    i do have Antiseptic of faith to clean the negativity and fear, bt need

    ma stars to show me the way in this dark nyt…
    thts ryt tht u said tht v r INNATELY BEAUTIFUL, v really hav knowledge

    of right and wrong, bt smtime in this materialistic wrld , v do feel

    inert implimenting r plans…

    ur article is realy encouraging…
    u’v always a great help..
    really grate full to god to hav a u in ma life …

  7. Ronnie Singh Chahal (Major) said,

    mein thodi a gandi jehe URL nu save kar leya hai, fav. vich….
    ha ha ha…
    jst kiddin….
    keep it up…
    nw i hav 2 explore ya “archives” ….
    wish me luck…….. lmao….
    u rocks…

  8. damandeep kaur said,

    ohhh so well narrated…. such a big example… small small things in our daily chores teach us the lessons of life and we are just not aware of it.

    loved it.

  9. saravjot said,

    Very well written Venus! Keep sharing your thoughts this way!

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