September 3, 2010

Unleash your natural exuberance!

Posted in Empowering tagged , , , , at 8:16 pm by Venus Viswambharan

I was watching my kid this morning….
Once washed and brushed, the little one, went about her personal duties wide-eyed! She puts on her clothes with a hum , downed her breakfast – juggling the chomping between, so many expressions as she was narrating her dream from the previous night. She seems to dream almost every night – vivid, strange science fiction dreams! In a sprighty bounce she heaves her school bag on to her back and is ready to go. We are at the gate waiting with other moms / dads who too are there to get their kids on the bus. “Mum could you please chase me and try to catch me? ” says my daughter,  and much to the others’ disbelief I throw caution to wind and race after her! A whole lot of furtive and very bemused gazes follow the two of us ! Honestly – I enjoyed every bit of the invigorating moment!
When I think back , the brilliance of just how similar we were beams out from the compressed bundles of memory – beady eyed, curious , full of energy , spirit and life – Enthusiastic is how we were! What happened how did we grow up to be stuck up? Why is it we are mired by what other people think of  us? Why is it that we get “bored” or loose interest? Or why is it that we just loose this Joie de vivre altogether?
Enthusiasm in greek means : En= in,  theos = God , which translates to having God within. He is within each of us no exceptions there! So that whatever we do or think we exude out of each pore of our being ,the life and vitality of that huge power that we contain inside of us !
Which means :
    • We don’t just smile,  but we laugh – and often at that!
    • We don’t  feel ‘”My hearts not in the job” – but find alternate ways to groove!
    • We are not stonewalled by failure , but we just gingerly hop around it , learning a lot of interesting stuff in the process..
  • We find the significance in each chore , each daily duty!
  • There is a passion oozing out of us always , just cause we contain a mammoth energy , the supreme creator – God in us.
 You can do anything if you have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars. With it, there is accomplishment. Without it there are only alibis.” says Henry Ford.
In 1975, Japanese scientists discovered bacteria that could live on the waste products of nylon manufacture as their only source of carbon and nitrogen.
These Bacteria did not exist prior to the invention of nylon in the 1930s. They evolved ,so they could produce novel enzymes that allowed them to feed on by-products of nylon manufacture  – the only thing that was available to them in plenty at that time.
What an amazing example of enthusiasm from nature ! Nothing could stymie this little vessel filled with the quintessence of God!
Take a look within…. You too are brimming with “Enthusiasm”- God is within you , don’t hide it , let it pour out!


  1. amardeep sidana said,

    Its a very exhilarating experience to get back to our true self, the self which is full of energy, pure and honest. The more we stay in this zone – the “natural” side of ourselves ,with no make up or pretenses, the more confident we are, this confidence translates into strength which helps us to take on challenges very easily. The more challenges we take the more confident we are, so this cycle goes on and the Enthusiasm brims over…. touching more people.

    • Thank you dear ! The fact that you passionately believe and follow these thoughts is a great encouragement!

  2. Ravi Yadav said,

    Thanks Venus mam,I understood the real meaning and importance of Enthusiasm.I will start working with full passion and keep loving my work.

    • Way to go Ravi, I m elated that this page has started its work… reaching out and touching and making changes in your lives 🙂

  3. simran said,

    venus, i simply loved reading this! And let me tell you, you’ve created a very precious memory for your daughter. “If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be – enthusiasm.” (Bruce Barton)
    Thanks for sharing such inspiring thoughts! Look forward to more enthusiastic posts!

    • Thanks simran for everything 🙂 This piece came out of me when I wanted to be my enthusiastic self – you know that for a fact!

  4. Varsha Prashanth said,

    Venus, thank you so much for sharing such inspiring thoughts. It’s given me a whole new meaning to the word “enthusiasm” and now feel that I should work towards being more enthusiastic.

  5. Sini Jerome said,

    Venus….this is deep, profound, very though provoking. May you touch the lives of many, through your blog, encouraging others to leap up and run…with a smile on our faces all the time.
    God Bless you!

  6. shivani said,

    venus i actually know the meaning of enthusiasm NOW ,v were always very enthusiastic even without knowing actually wat it meant , n u truly said ,u live life to the fullest only if u abandon all the barriers ,v r always preoccupied with duties jus doin them bcoz v think v have to do them ,but now there is a new meaning to it ,do everything with enthusiasm ,or can be said “A CHILDS ENTHUSIASM ” n u’ll actually know ur self n enjoy every bit coz it’ll be done with …………………………….
    Thanks dear

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