August 27, 2010


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Gratitude has this ability to not just elevate the one who is expressing it but it also elevates the receiver to a higher energy. It triggers the parasympathetic / calming-branch of the autonomic nervous system.This pattern when repeated brings about a protective effect on the heart. Expressing gratitude and receiving it : increases the dopamine and serotonin production in both people. Both hormones are contributors towards the feeling of well-being in the body. Gratitude  also reaffirms the belief of the receiver that he should continue his acts of benevolence.
I would like to dedicate this space to a few people and express my heartfelt gratitude to them :
“Thou hast given so much to me,
Give one thing more, – a grateful heart;
Not thankful when it pleaseth me,
As if Thy blessings had spare days,
But such a heart whose pulse may be Thy praise”.-George Herbert

Thank you Dad and Mum for all the work you do daily, touching so many people’s lives, you have paved the path for me !
Thank you Amardeep Sidana ,apart from being a consistently supportive husband you are a very good friend , who stood by this passion of mine with an amazing conviction, goading me on. Being the wind beneath my wings!
Thank you Tarveen Singh you were the one who pushed me through my fears with these unforgettable words” Go for it Girl! what is the worst that could happen ? So what? we’ll just pick ourselves , learn from it and forge ahead”.
Thank you Inderjit Paintal you sparked the idea of the blog initially, saying “It would be a great place for you to express yourself , with enough room” and I cant forget the kindness of quoting me in one of your well written articles.
Thank you Simran Sodhi Paintal for hearing me out always! For all the encouragement and honest feedback and for giving me ONE very important book , which actually commenced me on this journey of reaching out and touching people’s lives.

Thank you Harmeet Kaur from being a great friend, always receptive no matter what the distance , perpetually supporting and motivating me
Thank you Simerjeet Singh you have been quietly steering me in the right direction all along , even this blog has come about with just the right advice from you no matter the distance ,in your words : “The best way to learn is by doing it!”.
I want to thank the rest of my family : My Mom in law & Dad in law, my  brother Vinay Viswambharan & his wife Mearl Fernandes, my brother in law Dr Parminder Sidana & his wife Dr Shivani Raghav  and my sis in law Deepinder Sidana for all the support ,encouragement & cheering.
I want to thank each of my friends and my co bloggers for all your support & encouragement.
Each one of you that I have mentioned has been placed perfectly in my life!



  1. Viswambharan said,

    Thanks dear. Keep it going. Words can not express our feeling. We are proud that you are taking over from us what we started in 1998 – Thought For Today -. Fly higher and higher with the help of the Supreme Power and blessings and support from every one around you.

  2. Ravi Yadav said,

    Now a days only a few people like you give credit of their success to supporting friends and family.Our every small achievement make us more proud but we shouldn’t forget those who stood with us at our bad times.

  3. amardeep sidana said,

    we need more souls like you Venus who could take charge of practising this wonderful feeling of “gratitude”. This will bring in more peace and goodness in our lives.

    Thanks for starting this Blog and i will be looking forward for new learnings in times to come..

    God Bless

  4. Deepinder said,

    Having a gem like u in our family is an honor…
    U followed ur dream…n hav materialised.. u r an inspiration..
    Keep up the commendable job of touchin as many lives as u can.. with ur words..with ur thoughts…

    U have also been placed perfectly in their lives…

  5. Harneet Singh said,

    Great Start Venus… Really i am gonna read it out daily as i believe this will of course help me in gaining a lot.

    Thanks for Sharing

  6. Harneet Singh said,

    Even the poorest of the poor can be rich if they have gratitude.

  7. Padmaja Mohan said,

    Thank you Venus for the inspiration. I will read it daily. Few years back your parents introduced me to OM SHANTI. I want to thank them for that. Even though I couldn’t fully get involved in godly services. I will wait till all my Karam (duties) towards my children is done. But I will start showing gratitude to all from now.

    I loved reading you blog dear. Your words and thoughts touched me. You are the daughter of two great souls who have always inspired and guided me. I hope to follow their path soon.

    God’s grace be with you & your family always.

    • Thank you Aunty , For your kind words 🙂 There will be more coming ,yes, with the lord’s gudiance & my parent’s prayers 🙂 Aunty do continue with your duties – most of what I mention here is what we do while we conduct each of our duties as a mother , wife , child , sister ,friend or a Colleague . What are the thoughts that we think, What do we see? How is it we conduct ourselves?- Can we bring it in line with the true image of how I have been created? That is what i primarily address.

  8. Vinay Viswambharan said,

    The site looks awesome, Sis! Good job! We are all very proud of you.

  9. rohaan k khanna said,

    Dear veenus ,

    it was really very nice to meet you people after such a long time , and really from now onwards you have one more regular visitor at your blog , ur thoughts and words are really inspiring , keep blogging !!

    • The pleasure of meeting was mutual 🙂 and believe me Im elated to see the resonance and have more people closer to the source 🙂

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