August 25, 2010

Which wolf is it that you are feeding?

Posted in Empowering tagged , , , , at 8:06 pm by Venus Viswambharan

A grandfather was talking to his grandson, telling him,” I have 2 wolves barking inside of me. The First wolf is filled with anger, hatred , bitterness and mostly revenge. The second wolf inside of me is flled with love, kindness, compassion and mostly forgiveness.”
“Which wolf do you think will win?” the young  boy inquired , the grandfather responded , “ Whichever one I feed”.

Lets take a look at our thoughts in a day – isn’t it easy to criticize, to find fault; to complain about the neighbourhood being unsafe, our politicians being corrupt, the pathetic state of our education system, our youth being involved in crime. The less global ones would be: how snooty our neighbour is, the abusive boss,  the mean in laws…
The thought we focus on multiplies ,drawing more of the same kind until it not only becomes a habit but it IS just what our world becomes! What you think continually is what you believe, is what you become, is what you have – a vicious cycle .
What if we concentrated our minds and energies on all the “goodness”,  we can find around us? Can we find any? It is hard, isnt it ? lets try… Appreciating , being grateful.
We have electricity today, We are connected better & quicker due to technology, Crimes are lower, myriads of diseases now have cures, so many groups and associations now focus on uplifting , healing & wellness.Closer home, The neighbour’s kids are so bright and cheerful, My colleagues are so cooperative, my Job is interesting,  My Brother in law is so caring…
Again your focus draws more of the same. A thought has a lot of power!
Which wolf is it that YOU feed?


  1. Viswambharan said,

    Good start. Keep it up. Let it flow without stopping.

  2. Great you see your blog Venus! And I loved the post on Dr. Dyer. The world needs the upliftment that you are bringing forth. Way to go!

    • Thanks Simerjeet ,coming from you it means a lot! This has taken shape all thanks to you !

  3. Richa said,

    A great beginning Venus, and like your Dad said keep it flowing!


    very true…

  5. Ravi Yadav said,

    wow, i totally needed this info at this time.
    I was feeding the bad wolf inside me for world not being right but now i will feed the good one. Let the world be wrong but I wont be.
    Thanks mam.

  6. Sameer Mohamed said,

    Venus, Congrats !! Great job !! Yet another source of motivation and positive energy 🙂

  7. Mohit Sharma said,

    Wow Great mam.. its too good… God Bless you mam … will contituously read this Blog.. Its awsome… 😀

    Best Of Luck Mam

  8. Mayura Morris said,

    Venus, Very Nice, and all the very best. Good work

    Take care,

  9. Gurkirpal Singh said,

    This is good to read as it was necessary to remind the heart to feed the good wolf…looking forward to more of the thoughts mam…


  10. Shaji K. said,

    Thanks Venus.
    We all have to practice these thoughts in order to protect the good wolf from being extinct.Good work.Keep it up.

  11. amit berry said,

    wonderfully said venus.. Grt insights..

    Keep the spirits high 🙂 God Bless

    • Thanks Amit for your kind words, I have heard a lot about you too, high time we connect 🙂

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